Who are you?

What is your mission?

What is your message?

What makes you different from ordinary people?

What has your life been like?


Buddha was asked, ¡°What is the biggest charity?¡± He answered, ¡°It is a service of Truth.¡± The thing of teaching what is to people and awakening them is the biggest thing to build virtue in the human world. What does the term, charity or building virtue, mean? It means what blesses people...


Tathagatha is the one who teaches ways to people for the whole life...

A social campaign

When we launch a campaign a society needs, a goal is bound to be set up. Then a measure must be built which is able to carry out the objective. The measure is, in other words, a design. The end is based on a social problem and the measure, which is similar to a method of construction, is a formula for the design...

The right course and the wrong course

Up until now, there have been disputes on ¡®the right course¡¯ and ¡®the wrong course¡¯ for a long time. And this dispute hasn¡¯t been finished yet.

¡®The right course¡¯ reveals facts. It informs people of the truths of facts and teaches people the truth of what is...

You taught that if I tell people words with no understanding of them it is not right. Then, in order to be able to tell people your teaching, how much do I have to study the teaching?

What do we have to do in order to see what is?

You have to learn how what is comes into being by keeping watching and observing what is. If you come to this place, listen to what is, understand it, continue to accumulate it in your mind and finally make the ability to see what is improved, you becomes to slowly see things...

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